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Theater Group

How It Got Started

Over 10 years ago I was asked to be a part of a focus group looking at men's views on Arts and Culture in the North East.  I have always enjoyed theatre so I was asked to provide a few reviews of shows I planned to see.

From this, I became a regular reviewer for productions at Darlington Civic (now the Hippodrome), Durham Gala, Sunderland Empire, Newcastle Theatre Royal and many other wonderful venues.  Along the way I have met and made friends with many actors and directors.

My daughters have both attended shows with me, providing a different perspective and hopefully appealing to a different audience with their own style of Theatre reviewing.

We don't get paid to provide the previews/reviews, all we ask is to have a seat from which to watch the show and where possible a programme so we can ensure we name check the right people.  We use social media to share our content, wherever possible tagging in the venue, production and key members of cast & crew.

We are now in our 12th year and, following the Covid interruption in 2020, looking forward to the brilliant North East theatre scene returning to it's full.

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