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Being Mr Wickham

More Pride than Prejudice

Reprising his role as Mr George Wickham, the man who polarises opinion in Jane Austin’s masterpiece Pride & Prejudice, star of the 1995 BBC dramatisation Adrian Lukis brings us a ‘what happened next’ insight into life after Darcy, Lydia and the Bennets.

Written and performed by Lukis and Catherine Curzon, this one man show (Directed by Guy Unsworth for original theatre Company) reimagines how Wickham would have continued to live, expanding on his somewhat younger loutish behaviour and following him right through to his 60s.

It is clear that Lukis feels very passionate about continuing Wickham’s story, indeed, his attention to detail, his immersion in Wickham’s progress and his consideration for not letting him be only remembered as a cad and a scoundrel makes this a wonderful epilogue to the Austin tale.

We are given more understanding about why he was as he was, his relationship with the more popular Darcy and how, over time he would surely have mellowed, allowing his sensibilities to mature and become more rounded (although he will never completely lose that roguish charm).

The second act affords the audience an opportunity to question Adrian, an open floor Q&A in which he will (try) and field any questions and explore other ideas and theories.

Witty, informed and very insightful, Being Mr Wickham is heartily recommended for fans of the original production and one which I am sure Ms Austen would have certainly approved.

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