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Gary in Punderland

A Pun - a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings. A Pun Meister – an expert at telling puns, making people smile, aching their ribs and filling evenings with much laughter. Gary Delaney – a Pun Meister General – one of the very best.

Playing in the round of Darlington Hippodrome’s Hullabaloo is a perfect venue for stand up – it is intimate, the act can clearly see the faces of the audience and the laughter is infectious. By his own admission, this is what Gary has been missing, craving and his enjoyment of performing is matched by the audiences non-stop laughter.

Packed full of one liners, Gary’s very personable approach make this feel like a really good friend holding court at a family party – he begins by testing the levels to which the audience will allow his jokes to rise (or stoop) and with that, we’re off. Cleverly breaking up the non-stop punning, we are treated to big screen examples of his spurious Amazon reviews, Wikipedia entries and hilarious observations of the everyday world. For those of a certain age, there’s a lot of ‘That’s Life’s Doc Cox’ (and a little of Cox’s alter ego Ivor Biggun) combined with puns ranging from the ‘safe to repeat at work’ to the ‘wouldn’t dare in a month of Sundays’. No topic is really off limits (albeit Jimmy Carr has probably closed the door on a few more by now) so it all makes for a deliciously naughty evening; a brilliant show for adults to kick back, relax and laugh without caring who knows what you find funny.

Supporting Gary on this tour is Steve Day – one 1/3 of the infamous ‘3 wise monkey’ comedy troupe. Bringing his own unique take on comedy (Steve is the best deaf comic he’s never heard) this South London Brummie is very funny, lots of great anecdotes and someone who I’d love to see much more from.

Gary’s tour continues throughout 2022 with North East dates in Helmsey, Sunderland, Newcastle, Carlisle and Alnwick (and potentially more dates being added). Check out his website for full details -

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