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Preview - Book of Mormon

The fun just keeps on coming at Newcastle Theatre Royal

The Book of Mormon is the award-winning Broadway Musical, channeling all the anarchy and near-to-the-knuckle humour of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park through the brilliant song writing of Avenue Q's Robert Lopez. The comedy musical follows two Mormon missionaries in their attempts to convert the citizens of a remote Ugandan village to Mormonism. Their challenge is to take the Salt Lake scriptures and some how make them relevant to a set of tribes people who have rather a different view on life.

Packed with satire, religious ribbing and unflinching social comedy, it is testament to the genius of Parker and Stone that they have not been indicted on charges of blasphemy, instead audiences have flocked to enjoy this irrelevant version of Joseph Smith's alternate bible.

The 2022 tour cast of The Book of Mormon musical is led by Robert Colvin as Elder Price, Conner Peirson as Elder Cunningham and Aviva Tulley as Nabulungi. They’re joined by Jordan Lee Davies, Ewen Cummins, Johnathan Tweedie and Thomas Vernal.

Book of Mormon is on at Newcastle Theatre Royal from Wednesday 15th June right up until the 9th July so there's no excuse not to go grab yourself some religion. Tickets are available from here -

Parental guidance is recommended, there are adult themes, 'choice' language, references to sex, violence and worst of all, religion.

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