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Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Back again after a postponed date, this newest Rumours tour is definitely worth the wait.

Anyone who loves music from the past 40 years will have no doubt enjoyed at least a handful of Fleetwood Mac's songs; from their first hit Albatross right through to the 80's smashes Big Love and Little Lies. Likewise their albums have always managed to deliver on every occasion but the history books will show that it was their eponymous 'Rumours' album that does, and will continue to, stand the test of time as a true classic.

The songs are masterpieces in their own right but when the story surrounding the band (the in-fighting, love triangles and months of silence) are added there is more than a frisson of extra edge and pathos to the words. Rumours, and the original live tour to accompany the album, was used by some band members to sarcastically remind others of their infidelities, betrayal and disdain. I can't see the current crop of 'pop stars' ever having the mastery of English to be able to write such cutting sentiment into such catchy songs.

The musical prowess of all on stage is simply mesmerising whilst the vocals and harmonies are pitch perfect to the originals. Jess Harwood as Stevie Nicks and Emily Gervers as Christine McVie have all the power, sex appeal & vulnerabilities of the original female band members. The boys, James Harrison as Lyndsey Buckingham, Etienne Girard as John McVie and the uncannily accurate Allan Cosgrove as Mick Fleetwood are note and inflection perfect.

A poignant addition to this tour play list is recognition of Peter Green, founder and soul of Fleetwood Mac who passed away in 2020. His legacy is one which generations will be for ever grateful. Dave Goldberg continues to defy the laws of nature and produce a performance of Green that, eyes closed, you'd swear there was a ghost up on stage.

If you look in any music press listings you will find many tribute bands covering almost all the big name acts from the 60's and 70's - The Counterfeit Stones, The Bootleg Beatles, Abbaesque, the Pink Floyd Experience but I challenge any of them to be as good as Rumours; in fact I will go so far as to say they would rival the original Fleetwood Mac if someone could ever get them on the same stage together.

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