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The Nutcracker Re-Miced

A beautiful land of pure imagination in which everyone is welcome.

At this time of year taking the family, especially if there are young children, to see a show is a wonderful way to share experience and enjoy some quality time together, away from the hustle of work, school and shopping. Whilst there are a lot of traditional pantomimes on offer, one show promises something a little different; The Nutcracker Re-miced.

Written by Laura Turner and with original songs and score by Laura, David Barton and director Jake Smith, the Nutcracker Re-Miced is a brilliant piece of storytelling which will equally enthral youngsters and adults alike. The story is of a Christmas Eve adventure for 2 young mice, Spike (Benjamin Storey) and Cookie (Rebecca Tebbett) who, with their mam Molly (Jessica Brady) live inside a broken clock in Durham Castle Tower.

Spike (who dreams of being a rock star) has found a Nutcracker left at the station and would like to return it to its owner, however come night-time on Christmas Eve, it comes to life and explains to the two youngsters that they are needed to help defeat the evil Mouse Queen in Dreamland. Off they set on their mission to find the Sugar Punk Fairy, sail on the Honey River and return the stolen Dreamland cheese. Along the way they have to hide from the Cat Patrol, escape from the Queen’s jail and find the missing piece to fix their clock.

As a Christmas show this has everything you need; great characters, brilliant songs and heaps of imagination. With all the young children in the audience encouraged to sit on rugs at the front they are immediately placed right inside the make believe world. We took our granddaughter Emilia (5) who was transfixed throughout the show. It’s no mean feat to hold young minds’ attention, especially at this time of year, but Jessica, Ben and Rebecca and Laura’s writing guarantee to keep them entertained throughout. As we left, Emilia declared she loved it, and then proceeded to recount the whole story again on the drive home, a ringing endorsement.

The Nutcracker Re-Miced is on at Durham Gala from December 7th right up to Christmas Eve – a perfect way to spend some magic time for everyone.

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